Saturday, November 27, 2004

Naughty and nice

After some discussion with the other authors in the Christmas anthology, it appeared that none of us was totally comfortable with the cover-- it was simply too sexy, considering none of our stories are erotic romance. We diffidently approached our editor, who approached the cover artist, and now the cover model is wearing pants:-). (You can see the updated version at the link above.) Okay, I admit it... I liked the cover model's naked rear *eg*. But the cover was honestly a little misleading, and we didn't want readers picking it up thinking it was erotic romance and being disappointed.

So here's another great thing about e-publishing-- not only does the editor listen to authors' concerns, but things like this can be corrected in a big hurry if need be. That isn't to say that e-authors have ultimate control over their covers-- my editor made it very clear that the final say was hers, not ours, and that's perfectly reasonable. But she did listen to our concerns, and acted on them presumably because she thought we had a valid point. I love my editor.

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