Monday, November 29, 2004

A quiet weekend

I had a pretty quiet weekend once Thanksgiving was over. Saturday morning was dedicated to rereading UNWRAPPED to make sure it was perfect. My editor has a nasty habit of removing necessary commas, and I snuck some back in:-). Plus I added a few lines here and there-- I just can't read a manuscript without messing with it, I'm afraid. ON THE NAUGHTY LIST is scheduled to be released December 3.

I'm also pleased to report that my first performance with my string quartet went well. We played "Angels We Have Heard On High" at church yesterday. Easy, but fun.

This morning I'm going to dedicate to getting artwork questionnaires done. I have a couple sitting in my inbox. I hate doing artwork questionnaires, but they ARE important, as evidenced by the whole ON THE NAUGHTY LIST cover thing-- the cover artist can't be expected to produce an appropriate cover without precise input. One of the benefits of writing for an e-pub is that the cover is based mainly on the author's input, rather than on the decisions of a large, amorphous art department-- but for that to be a benefit, the author has to fill out that artwork questionnaire carefully!

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