Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Work and nerves

I got my cover art questionnaires turned in yesterday. I also began revision work on the fantasy romance I'm writing with Angelica Hart, which my editor tells me will be called UNICORN QUEST. It's scheduled for February 11. (My baby is due February 13, so I warned my editor not to expect any last-minute edits from me!) The anthology TICKLISH TALES, for which I have to write a futurustic novella entitled FARTHEST SPACE, has been pushed back to March. All this information helps me figure out what I need to do next, so I'm slowly getting organized.

I'm kind of a nervous wreck today, though. The Brava contest winner will be announced tomorrow, and the Eppie finalists should be announced sometime in the next week. ON THE NAUGHTY LIST will probably be released Friday night. And wouldn't you know it, I'm going to be gone this weekend. Of all the times to be gone!

Anyway, I just wish this week was over so I could quit biting my nails...


  1. Hehe--well, if it makes you feel any better, the winner of the Brava contest was probably already notified, so we can probably stop worrying about it! *g*

    Now, quit biting the nails! : )

  2. Thanks SO much, Larissa, that makes me feel SO much better *wry grin*. Actually, that did occur to me:-). I'll try to relax now.

  3. I know Slyvia Day won the reader's choice award :-). I read it in her blog & sent my congrats her way :-).

    Oh sepaking of congrats thanks for the nice little note you dropped in my blog abotu my getting my contract for AHOS :-). And thanks again for agreeing to take a look at the story before I sent it out and giving me such excellent feedback before I sent it out :-).

    Now I've just gotta find a home for my lenght works :-).