Friday, December 31, 2004

An ad in RT

I got the February Romantic Times this morning and was a little surprised the group ad I participated in was in there-- I had somehow thought it was going into the March issue. Anyway, there's a one-page color NCP ad on page 86, and I lucked out, as NEVER LOVE A STRANGER is at the very top and looks quite prominent as a result. It's a rather eye-catching cover anyway, if you like naked guys:-). Hopefully it'll result in some sales. I still don't know if my last RT ad did me any good, as I haven't gotten the relevant royalty statement yet. It's possible that ads may have more of a cumulative effect than an immediate one, anyway. Either way, this is a very attractive ad and I'm happy with it.

I also just noticed that Mystique Books ( has two Christmas books featured on its main ebook page, one of which happens to be ON THE NAUGHTY LIST. One can hope that'll translate to sales, too!

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