Sunday, December 19, 2004

My 2004 reading

I've been looking over my reading journal for the past year, and I decided that over the next few days I'll list which books I enjoyed most. My reading has slowly changed its pattern; I used to read pretty much half contemporary romance and half historical romance, with the very occasional futuristic thrown in (plus the occasional sci-fi or general fiction book). I actually read more historicals than contemporaries in January, but after that my historical reading slacked off bigtime, perhaps because I'm not actively writing historicals right now. Oddly, my paranormal/futuristic reading grew, probably for two reasons: because I was in the process of writing my first futuristic, and because I've been reading more small press books.

Anyway, for 2004 here is the breakdown of my reading habits (I may read one or two more books, but probably no more, since I have Christmas and editing to contend with!):

123 books read total (That's about 30 fewer than last year... but last year I produced one book, and this year I've had five releases. Writing cuts seriously into my reading time).

67 were contemporary romance (including series romance, although I don't read too many non-single-title books any more)

18 were historical romance (including traditional Regencies, of which I read all of one)

15 were paranormal or futuristic romances

The rest were a mixture of general fiction, juvenile fiction, a single biography, and a few science fiction and fantasy novels.

In 2004 I read 17 small press books, as well as several books from major publishers from former small press authors (MaryJanice Davidson, Jaid Black, C.J. Barry). I read two books by debut authors with major publishers (Marianne Stillings and Kathy Love) and some with smaller presses (Beth Ciotta and Mary Stella of Medallion Press, Michelle Pillow and Madelyn Porter of NCP). This reflects the fact that I try to spend my money on newer and small press authors as much as possible.

Anyway... I'll be listing my favorites of 2004. Tomorrow I'll list the 2004 books I gave a B+ rating.

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