Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Baby update

As promised, here's the scoop on my ultrasound. The ultrasound showed the baby to be a very normal size-- six pounds 14 ounces, or about 70th percentile. Since babies typically only put on about a pound in the last month, this is likely to be my smallest baby, ironically enough. Maybe that's because I've been minding my diet so carefully (I haven't gained a pound since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes) or maybe it's just a small kid. I suppose that even with a 6'6" father, small kids can happen:-).

But the interesting news is that I'm already three centimeters dilated. This does not necessarily mean I'm about to have the baby-- with my last kid I was three centimeters dilated for weeks-- but it does mean it's a possibility, especially considering the head is already way down, to the point that they had a very difficult time getting a picture of it during the ultrasound. It's a little early yet to hope for delivery (we're only slightly less than four weeks away from my due date), but I would be happy to have this one a couple of weeks early. The last month is always the longest...

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  1. "The last month is always the longest..."

    Isn't that the truth! *rolls eyes* Yay on being 3cm. Got my fingers crossed that this birth is your easiest. :D