Saturday, January 29, 2005

Check out my sidebar...

DH figured out how to add links to the blogs who have been kind enough to list me. Sorry it took me so long to add you all! If you haven't read the listed blogs, go read them... they're all good.

I had painful, frequent contractions last night and again this morning, and finally called my doctor, who told me to keep timing them because they probably weren't for real. Sure enough, they went away later in the afternoon. I hope they STAY away for a couple of days, because another ice storm is moving in, and getting to the hospital would be, shall we say, problematical. So keep your fingers crossed for me... we don't want this baby till at least Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for the link, Ellen!

    I, too, had contractions weeks before my due date with the last kid, hard enough to wake me up in the wee hours. I stayed dilated about the same for weeks (3), but each time my doctor checked me, I was more effaced. So you're probably making subtle but important progress! Hang in there--I hope this baby waits out the storm!

  2. Actually, Joely, when I checked the link to your blog it doesn't work *blushing*. I'll have DH fix that one as soon as I can. I do enjoy reading your blog!!

  3. Thanks for the link, Ellen!!!

    Yeah, the blogger sidebar thing is a pain. I've gotten the links and stuff up and working for three Blogger sidebars, and it's just so weird that you have to code it all yourself instead of it just being included in the templates.

    Anyway, thanks again!!! Yay!!! *g*

  4. Well, it's a lucky thing I've got DH. "Coding" and "Ellen" are two words that don't belong in the same sentence *g*.