Thursday, January 13, 2005

Clean, clean, clean

Listening to ITAIPU by Philip Glass

Reading PERFECT SWITCH by Lisa Plumley

I'm continuing to clean like a madwoman. This must be that darn nesting instinct kicking in, because Heaven knows I never feel any sort of impulse to clean otherwise *eg*. I have written a bit on my Brava-targeted novella (currently titled UNFORGETTABLE) but FARTHEST SPACE is still being neglected. I have got to get to that one... just as soon as the house is clean. I promise.

I've noticed an interesting change in my reading habits. I used to love goofy romantic comedies, but lately I'm finding them, well, goofy. Right now I'm having to force myself to finish PERFECT SWITCH, by an author I've enjoyed previously, and I just had the same experience with Trish Jensen's latest, PHI BETA BIMBO. (Okay, I admit that's a dorky title, but I've liked her books in the past.) I've been reading more intense contemporaries (like Shannon McKenna) and enjoying them more. I wonder if this is a permanent change, a temporary hormonal thing, or if I've just overdosed on romantic comedies lately? Or maybe I've just happened to pick up a few less-than-stellar ones? Regardless, I sure hope it doesn't affect my ability to *write* romantic comedies!

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  1. My house was never as beautiful as when I was nesting. I cleaned like crazy, painted, bought nicknacks and other decorative things, etc. etc.

    *sigh* I wish I got that nesting urge nowadays. (minus the baby) :D