Monday, January 10, 2005


Yes, I am supposed to be writing. But with the onrushing arrival of the baby, it is necessary to clean. The girls have to be moved into the same room, which means we have to set up a bunkbed, two big bookcases (between them they have waaaayyy too many books, and the bookcases we already have are far from adequate), and generally dejunk their rooms before merging their stuff. I spent the morning cleaning out the middle child's closet, which was filled to the brim with totally useless junk. It has been reduced to two small bins of toys, which is a huge improvement. Now I have to go dig under her bed...

And here's a little funny story about my son. He'll be four in May, and he's been reading individual words for a while (not enough to read books to himself yet-- he has a reading vocabulary of maybe seventy words). He doesn't read phonetically, but by sight. Last night we were playing one of his favorite games-- I write words he knows on his MagnaDoodle and he tells me what I've written. I got bored with writing his basic vocabulary ("mom," "school bus," "green," etc) over and over again, so I decided to try "DVD," being pretty confident he knew that word. I wrote it down and asked, "What does that say?"

He looked delighted and answered with great confidence, "MOVIE!!!"

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