Monday, January 31, 2005

Of excerpts and toilet training

My co-author, bless her heart, finished up UNICORN QUEST and delivered it to our editor. So that's in. DH updated my website, and there's a chapter excerpt of UNICORN QUEST as well as a chapter excerpt of IN THE MOOD (about half of which was already on Lori Foster's site). Click on the link (the words "of excerpts and toilet training") above to read them.

In non-writing news, my son finally decided to get toilet trained! Since he'll be four in May, my opinion is that it's about bloody time:-). As DH is fond of saying, the boy is as bright as a black hole sometimes. But like my other kids, once he finally decided to try, he got the hang of it pretty quickly. I didn't intend to teach him to stay dry overnight right away, but he woke up dry this morning and headed right for the bathroom without even a reminder. This is all a big relief to me-- I wasn't looking forward to changing diapers on two different kids, and besides, I was starting to wonder if he was going to go to college in a diaper!

I have such weird kids... every one of them has been able to read before they were toilet trained. I guess they have their priorities in order:-).

And to cap off my Monday morning ramble, last but not least, congratulations to Sylvia Day and Sasha White, who both sold stories as a result of the Amber Heat contest!


  1. ROFL @ diapers in college. My daughter waited until she was almost three. I was ripping my hair out and then one day she decided she was ready. *happy dancing at the memory* Those darn Pull-ups are expensive!

    Thank you for the congratulations. I wondered how I was ever going to sell a historical story that short anywhere after Arabella folded. I'm very happy to have found a home for it.

  2. Yes, two in diapers sucks (my two youngest are 18 months and barely 3). Luckily right around her birthday, Lizzie decided she was ready. She's had a few accidents and still sleeps in pull ups at night (Sylvia's right, those things are SO expensive!!!), but I'm very happy. One more kid to go.....

    Then I'm sure I'll be complaining about three in ballet shoes. Let alone those college tuition bills. *groan*

  3. Thanks Ellen!

    Right now, I'm glad I don't have kids, or have a clue if 4 is old or 3 is young for toilet training. lol

  4. Four is ANCIENT for potty training. At least it seems that way to me!

  5. PJ got bribed by his daddy for toilet training. We started at 2 1/2 and the deal was that if he got potty trained, we'd give him his own comptuer. Well wouldn't you know it the only time he has accidents now is when he's on the darn computer. Oh & My little guy will be turning 4 in May too. Pj's b-day is on the 8th :-).