Tuesday, February 1, 2005

An early Valentine's Day

DH took me out for dinner last night for Valentine's Day. Since the doctor is talking about inducing me this week or the next it seemed safest to go ahead and do it last night! I see the doctor today... stay tuned for updates.

In writing news, I got my contract for my children's book in the mail yesterday. I also got the edits for my futuristic for the other publisher, and they left me a bit befuddled. I don't mind edits (a good editor's price is far beyond rubies), and most of them seemed pretty good, but I was baffled when she said she wasn't happy with the ending because it didn't seem to be an HEA. I emailed back and pointed out that my original query letter had been quite clear on the fact that this was part one of two, and the ambiguous ending would be resolved in the second book. She wrote back and said they couldn't do it that way, and that I'd have to resolve it in one book. Which is fine, but it made me wonder if she'd actually, you know, read the query and the manuscript?? *Sigh* Working with a new house is always a little different. Anyway, I'm going to need to add at least ten thousand more words to that one to wrap it up properly, so I'll have to pencil that onto my schedule, too.

But before I do any scheduling for the month, I'm heading off to the doctor to see if the baby is going to be making its appearance any time soon!

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