Thursday, January 27, 2005

One more thing off my desk

After a polite query from my editor as to where UNICORN QUEST was, I realized I was about a week behind on that one, so I sat my lazy pregnant b*tt in my desk chair and got the edits finished, then sent it back to my co-author with apologies. I really pity anyone who has to work with me right now... I am nowhere near organized as usual (and that's a scary concept, believe me, because I am the least organized person ever anyway). My editor and co-author were both nice about it, though:-).

My editor did let me know she'd posted the new schedule, and when I checked it I saw she'd kindly moved back the TICKLISH TALES anthology to April, which gives me more than enough time to finish my novella. Shouldn't be a problem in the least. I feel better *sighing in relief*.

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