Thursday, January 27, 2005

"Glacial" doesn't begin to cover it...

I was a little surprised to find one of my SASEs from Berkley/Jove in the mail today. Curious, I opened it and found a rejection letter for ALL I EVER WANTED (those of you that have papered your walls with rejection letters will be unsurprised to learn it's "not right for their list at this time"). AIEW was published almost a year ago, so I went back to my notes and found I'd submitted it to Berkley/Jove on January 8, 2003. I followed up with them three months later and was informed their turnaround time was six to nine months. Uh...maybe not:-).

I'm curious... does anyone really wait TWO YEARS to find out if a publisher has accepted their book??

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  1. LOL - Well, this explains why I've yet to receive my SASP for a partial I sent them back in June :)