Tuesday, January 25, 2005


It hardly seems worth mentioning that school is (inexplicably) out again. This means I get to go to the doctor's office with three kids in tow. Oh, the horror *g*... Still, I'm glad my regular weekly checkup came up today. I had three hours of strong, fairly regular contractions last night and was certain I was in labor. Evidently I wasn't. But I'd like to be checked out anyway.

I see that Romancing the Blog (www.romancingtheblog.com) just posted its first blog entry (by Katie MacAlister). If you haven't checked it out, do-- there are a lot of terrific bloggers who will be contributing!

And I'll end this randomness with a brief story about my funny middle kid, who's six but often sounds like she's much older. She complained that she didn't like the new dust cloths I got because they smelled like oranges. I answered, "I like the way they smell." She replied with great disdain, "Well, I don't. They smell TANGY."

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