Saturday, January 8, 2005


I was awakened early this morning by the sounds of someone throwing up. I assumed child #1 had had a relapse, but when I went down the hall to check it out, I discovered child #2 was ill. And as I headed back for my own room, child #3 stuck his head out his door, and I discovered he'd thrown up sometime during the night and slept in it (he's only three and such things don't bother him much), which was an unholy mess to clean up. On the up side, child #1 seems to definitely be over the bug, so that's something.

I haven't felt too great myself today, and have mostly snoozed (in between bouts of cleaning up the occasional stomach-virus related mess). So this has not been the greatest Saturday in history, and it goes without saying that no writing has been done...


  1. Poor thing. :( Sounds like a nightmare. It's amazing the fortitude us mothers can muster under such circumstances. Men will never know...

  2. Oh, Ellen, this sounds positively horrible. I hope you're not getting sick yourself!!!