Sunday, February 6, 2005

My last post for a few days

This will be my last post for a couple of days, since I'm going to be induced (ow) bright and early tomorrow morning. DH will post the gender and weight of the baby if he remembers, which he may not... being in charge of three rackety kids can have a bad effect on your brain when you're not used to it *eg*. But do check back tomorrow night or Tuesday; hopefully he'll remember to update for me.

This has been an absolutely crazy weekend-- I'm looking forward to going into the hospital just to get away from it all. My daughter is only in three activities (Junior Girl Scouts, church choir, and basketball), but somehow they all converged this week and things got way out of control. Yesterday she had: 1. A children's choir festival from 9-4:00 2. A basketball game at 9:00 am (had to skip that, as one can't be in two places at once) 3. Girl Scout event from 5-10:00. Today she was supposed to sing in two services at church (had to skip that, as she was up two hours past her bedtime last night and totally wiped out), and has another basketball game at 3:00. And on Tuesday evening she has both a school play (she's singing in the chorus) and a Girl Scout meeting (which she's going to have to miss). The kid needs a-- what is that thing from Harry Potter 3? A Time Turner? *Sigh* Usually life isn't nearly this complicated-- I suppose it's Murphy's Law that when you're trying to get things ready just before having a baby, everything will converge upon you like a flock of angry geese.

DH and I did have a nice time last night watching "Spiderman 2." I like both "Spiderman" flicks pretty well-- I particularly like Tobey Maguire. I thought he was the best thing about "Seabiscuit," too.

Anyway... wish me luck. I'll return to haunting all your blogs and leaving comments as soon as I'm back-- and as soon as I can sit down in my desk chair comfortably, LOL!


  1. WIshing you a safe, painless, quick, and easy birth!! How exciting. I LOVE newborns. :-) Keep us posted. I'll be thinking about you and the new baby.

  2. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes! *g*