Saturday, February 5, 2005

A quiet morning...

I'm trying to get a little work cleaned up before Monday. I completed an interview for another author who's being nice enough to feature me in her newsletter (I never say no to free publicity:-). I also finished up my entry forms for the Lories and will take them to the post office today if DH comes back early enough (he had to take the girls across town to an all-day children's choir festival). I'm a little disgruntled with myself-- I totally missed entering the HOLT Medallion contest this year. It's not cheap to enter ebooks in the HOLT, since it requires five bound and printed copies of the book, but I had every intention of entering it anyway. Alas, the deadline just slid right by me before I thought to check. Ah, well... maybe I'll do well in the Lories. One may hope!

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