Tuesday, March 1, 2005

All About Romance and ebooks

All About Romance, which has historically not been a big believer in ebooks, had a few positive comments about them in their latest At the Back Fence column (link above... scroll down to the section "Series and E-books" near the bottom). Admittedly they do seem to think of ebooks as a kind of bush league, which authors can use as a launching pad to get into print publishing, but she also points out that some print authors are moving into ebooks and adds, "The stigma of e-books as stories not good enough for print publishers, then, may be starting to fade, which will only increase the importance of electronic publishing..."

The author of the column (presumably LLB) also mentions she's been reading more ebooks this year than ever before. Hurray for her... glad to see her giving them another shot, after AAR was burned on a few bad ones back in the infancy of e-publishing. Wonder if they'll consider reviewing ebooks again eventually?

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