Thursday, March 31, 2005

Spring break

The older kids have been on spring break all week. Meanwhile, the baby is apparently in a growth spurt and is eating every two to three hours, even at night. As a consequence I've been taking naps when I should be writing. And the baby has discovered the joys of smiling at people (awwww), so even when he isn't eating he's demanding to be held so that he can grin toothlessly at me. Hard to object to that *g*, but my writing production is nevertheless suffering a bit as a result of all this. I did finally just about wrap up the futuristic for the other publisher-- I have to write the epilogue and go over the edits one more time, then I'll email it back to the editor. We have company coming on Saturday, but I think I'll have it done by Monday anyway. Hurrah... I love getting manuscripts off my desk!!

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