Sunday, April 3, 2005

I got new books!

Yesterday was a crazy day. DH's parents and brother, and brother's wife and dog, came to visit. (The dog is a two-month-old Border terrier-- I've never met one of the breed before, but it was a very sweet and intelligent dog, and it didn't harass our rabbit at all, which really surprised me.) In the middle of it all I started feeling ill, and when everyone went home I took my temperature and discovered I was running a moderate fever-- 100.5. I took Tylenol, went right to bed and got as much sleep as possible around the baby, and woke up feeling perfectly fine this morning. Go figure.

So today I went ahead and took my weekly "break" (three hours out of the house with no one but the baby-- I especially needed that break this week, since I've had all four kids underfoot!). While shopping, I was delighted to find Lydia Joyce's debut THE VEIL OF NIGHT (at Wal-Mart, no less). Can't wait to read that one... the first paragraph drew me right in and I barely noticed the cashier asking for my money! And then at the bookstore I picked up Angela Knight's THE FOREVER KISS. I haven't read many vampire books (except for MaryJanice Davidson and Mandy M. Roth), but I'm very interested in small press authors who make it big, so I've been wanting to read this one, too.

It's a beautiful day here and spring is in full bloom. I hope everything is beautiful where you are too!

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  1. I got new books in the weekend too. Book shopping is the only kind of shopping I love. Found a J D Robb I didn't have which was cool.