Tuesday, April 5, 2005

New authors

Sorry my posts have been a bit sporadic lately-- Blogger has been behaving very badly indeed!

I'm still reading Lydia Joyce's THE VEIL OF NIGHT, and enjoying it very much. (Lovely writing style!) I buy a lot of my books at the used bookstore or get them at the library, since I have a limited book budget, but I typically buy new authors' books new, which perhaps makes me a little odd. Most readers, I think, tend to buy books by established authors new and get new authors at the library. I long ago made the decision to spend most of my new-book budget on new and small press authors, because I figure these authors need my royalty money more than New York Times bestsellers do.

But to my surprise I've noticed that many of my favorite books over the past year have actually been by brand-new authors. Some of my favorite books last year were THE DAMSEL IN THIS DRESS (Marianne Stillings), ALL KEYED UP (Mary Stella), JINXED (Beth Ciotta), and GETTING WHAT YOU WANT (Kathy Love). The year before that some of my faves were GOT A HOLD ON YOU (Pat White) and SWEET RELEASE (Pamela Clare). So for me, buying new authors is a gamble that usually seems to pay off.

What about you? Do you generally enjoy books by brand-new authors?


  1. Hi, Ellen!

    I didn't realize you had a blog or I would have checked it out earlier. How did I miss you on the list at Romancing the Blog? So sorry. Thank you for your enthusiastic and ongoing support of All Keyed Up. I SO appreciate it!

  2. Hi there, Mary! I'm waiting impatiently for your next book!

  3. I agree, Ellen. I tend to purchase books by new authors. But then I only have two auto-buy authors and one is an e-book writer so that leaves my book budget wide-open for new talent.