Tuesday, April 12, 2005


It's been beautiful here the last few days-- seventy degrees and sunny. All the leaves are popping out, the redbuds and cherry trees and camellias are in bloom, and the dogwoods are opening their petals (see the top of my blog if you don't know what a dogwood flower looks like). Alas, today it's turning sharply colder and is going to stay in the fifties for several days:-P. Good weather to write, though!

Interesting to see that Alison (www.alisonkent.com), Emma (www.emmagads.com), and Larissa (www.larissaione.com) are some of the masterminds behind Romancing the Blog. Originally I had assumed Alison was behind the site, but she has tried so vocally to disassociate herself from it that I believed her when she said she wasn't. I do understand the need for the occasional use of pen names, but Alison has so firmly said she's NOT involved I can't help but be a bit surprised. Intriguing, as Commander Data would say. It's unfortunate that some people have been hurt by this, but hopefully things will shake out.

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  1. I just saw this on Allison's blog. I've had 4 days off from blog-hopping cos I'm so addicted lol. I say good on her *g*, but ya know I love a great bit of controversy in my blogs. It seems a pretty silly thing to dump a friend over. I'd be thrilled that someone had managed to get one over on me - doesn't happen very often.