Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Baby vs. writing

I've been working hard today. Eleven pages on FARTHEST SPACE (almost finished!) and ten pages on I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU. On the latter, I am writing in the middle-- I realized the story needed serious expansion, figured out where I want to expand it, and am hacking away at it. It may yet make it to novel status... it wants to be a lot longer. That'd be a good thing-- if I have a novel to shop around I can hunt for an agent (and that sounds slightly on the violent side, doesn't it??). I intend to have DH look at both of my WIPs this weekend and tell me what's wrong with my writing. Lucky him:-).

Anyway, I was working away on THERE FOR YOU when the baby went into Sudden Inexplicable Rage mode. I can't figure out what's bothering him, precisely. He seems to get overtired, to the point that he doesn't want to nurse, and then he becomes enraged because he's not nursing. Or something along those lines. If he'd either eat or close his eyes and take a nap, he'd feel better, but he seems to prefer screaming and forcing me to carry him around for an hour. This does not improve my daily page count.

But I don't think he really cares much about my daily page count, somehow.

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