Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Curse this connection!

My chat last night didn't go so well, thanks to my stupid dialup connection, which hung up right after I'd finished talking about my book. When I tried to get back into the chatroom, it was full. I finally got back in about ten minutes from the end, but I spent the intervening time doing a lot of lurid cursing (good thing the kids were in bed!). I really need a better connection *sigh*.

I got all administrative tasks off my desk yesterday, so today it's back to writing. Of course, now that I have a cover for First Grader it'd really be nice if DH could get a website done for "Elly," but DH has his own schedule to contend with. I hope he gets to that soon, though.

In news across the net, Deidre has a funny (and somewhat sad) post about someone she rejected who turned around and sent a snarky email back to her, burning his or her bridges in the process. If you're trying to get published, resist the urge to growl at agents and editors when you get rejections... because you WILL get rejections. Trust me on this.

That being said, I can almost understand the Bridge Burner's pain. I know what it's like to get ten or twelve rejections in a row. The rejection that stands out for me the most was the agent who scribbed on my query letter, "This isn't multi-layered enough for a single title." I wouldn't object to this comment had she read the synopsis, but this was simply a query letter, meaning she based this conclusion on three sentences about my book. Three sentences! How on earth can you convey that your book is "multi-layered" in three flippin' sentences??

See, it's been two years, and that one still makes me rant, LOL. But of course I didn't share my annoyance with the agent. Sometimes the difference between an author that sells and one that doesn't is that the former knew when not to press the "send" button.

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