Saturday, May 21, 2005

I survived...

The seven-year-old had a birthday party today... eleven little kids running around in the backyard, high on sugar and excitement. Always a horrific day in the life of a mom:-). But it actually went very well. This was a nice batch of kids, all very nice and easy to get along with (most of them even remembered to say "please" and "thank you"), and they had a great time. We throw old-fashioned birthday parties-- we run around in the backyard instead of at Chuck E. Cheese, and we don't get a moonwalk or anything. We just play games like Red Light, Green Light and Simon Says, and at the end of every party we whack the dickens out of a poor innocent pinata. These kids seemed to love it, and the birthday girl had a marvelous time.

A couple of entries down, in response to my post about ebook editing and reviews, Nicole wrote, "I've found some great ebook gems, but also lots of duds. And poor editing. Was reading one last night that had a typo in the FIRST sentence! Umm...FIRST SENTENCE!"

Geez. I'm tired after my long afternoon spent chasing little monsters around, so allow me to be a bit cranky and make a sweeping pronouncement here: If you can't be bothered to proofread your first friggin' sentence, please don't publish a book. You're not doing anyone in the ebook industry any favors.

Okay. I'm getting off my soapbox now and going to find a nice big slab of leftover chocolate cake. Ah... there's nothing like cake for dinner:-).

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