Friday, May 20, 2005

Tripping Through the Universe

The Sneak Peek page at NCP has been updated. I have two books listed (no covers yet!)-- my contemporary romance In the Mood, and the anthology "Farthest Space" will be a part of. I'm happy to say the latter has been retitled from the rather meh Ticklish Tales to a title I think is fabulous-- Tripping Through the Universe. This conveys that it's a quartet of humorous futuristics very well, I think, and has amusing echoes of Douglas Adams. The other authors in the anthology are some of NCP's biggest hitters... Jaide Fox, Shelley Munro, and Ashley Ladd. So this should be a great anthology!

In other news, Sylvia is talking about starting up a special interest RWA chapter for erotic romance authors. Interested? Go here to join her informational Yahoogroup.

And, in personal news, my baby rolled over for the first time yesterday! Meanwhile, the four-year-old had me up at one a.m. because he'd thrown up all over his bed. Ah, the joys of motherhood...


  1. Rolling over and throwing up--you've summed up a day in the life of a young mom quite succinctly there, Ellen! :) Hope all returns to normal soon in your household.

  2. Wahoo - Congrats on the rolling over, that's fabulous.

    Hope your son is ok now. I hate having to change the bed in the middle of the night. Poor thing.