Thursday, May 12, 2005

Rear in gear update

Yesterday I didn't complete as much as I wanted for three reasons:

1. I had to do a lot of revision and editing because a scene I'd written didn't work and needed to be fixed.

2. In the afternoon, I was writing along rapidly, the baby sleeping near me, when I very unfortunately sneezed loudly. Needless to say, the baby woke up:-P.

3. In the evening, I begged DH to watch the kids for a while so I could finish, but he had something else he had to do.

So due to these factors, I didn't make my goal:-(. I wrote 21 pages and 4500 words yesterday. Totals: 76 pages, 15,500 words. If we average that out over three days it still comes out to 25 pages per day, though, which isn't too bad. I hope to hit 100 pages today, although I really need to get some housecleaning done, since we're having family visit this weekend for a birthday party for two of the kids. So we'll see what I actually accomplish today.

Last night I also got the edited version of my children's book, The First Grader From Outer Space, back. The NAD editor made virtually no changes and told me it was "an extremely clean manuscript." I hear that from my NCP editor too, and I'm always happy to hear it, but I sometimes wonder if my work gets as much editing as it really needs. Everyone's writing can be improved by really stringent editing, after all. Not that I'm complaining or anything... just wondering.

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