Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cringing in fear

Paperback Reader has reviewed books by Jennifer Crusie and Emma Holly. Next up, according to the sidebar, is All I Ever Wanted by yours truly. Um. There's a combination for you. Jennifer Crusie, Emma Holly, and moi. Can you say "totally different league"? Yikes.

Honestly, I'm looking forward to their review. Feedback is a good thing and helps an author pinpoint where the weaknesses in her writing are. But a little part of me, the author-ego that wants to believe everything she writes is brilliant and utterly without flaw, is whimpering in fear under the desk.

But hey, if I can survive Mrs. Giggles, I can survive anything. Bring it on, ladies:-).


  1. I know the feeling--but you're braver than me. I would probably never survive Mrs. Giggles.

  2. LOL! How cool! And you are SO much braver than me!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I only refer to "Mrs. Giggles" in an awed and reverent whisper...