Wednesday, June 15, 2005

AAR on erotic romance

The latest edition of At the Back Fence has an interesting article on erotic romance and the RWA graphical standards debacle. Here's an interesting quote from LLB: "Although there have been drastic improvements in the quality of e-books available, I personally believe e-publishing has a way to go in order to compete with traditional print publishers in terms of quality, and until more time has passed and more improvements in the buying and editing of e-books for publishing are made, e-book authors will continue to have second-class status within a genre [EF: romance or erotic romance? I'm not sure which she means] that has second-class stamped all over it."

Hmm. I've remarked here before about the importance of editing in ebooks. But I'll add that I've read a lot of terrific ebooks, so I don't really agree with this statement. But that probably goes without saying:-).

Also, please notice that yours truly is mentioned in the section on "Addiction in Historicals." The hero in my first book The Light in the Darkness was an alcoholic.


  1. Ellen -

    What I meant - I guess it wasn't clear - was that, as I've observed, e-book authors currently have the sort of status in Romance as Romance authors have in the mainstream. It's changing all the time, but not all print authors accept e-book authors on an equal footing.


  2. Thanks for the clarification, Laurie. I think it depends on the person-- many New York authors treat ebook authors with respect, but some do seem to regard us as second-tier. But I have to agree that overall improvements in editing would benefit the ebook industry greatly:-).

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