Monday, June 13, 2005

Random thoughts

After a great deal of thought (ow... thinking is hard on the brain:-), I've decided to keep writing futuristics aimed at the ebook market and try to approach the Big Dogs (as Cindy Procter-King refers to them) with my contemporaries. Seems like the sensible thing to do after my discussion with my editor. I can't give up writing contemporaries, because I love them too much. But I enjoy writing futuristics too, so doing both (but aiming them at different markets) seems like the only way to go.

This morning I read Catching Caroline, by Sylvia Day. An excellent short story from Amber Quill. Sylvia's writing is just beautiful. It takes real talent to make a short story so vivid.

I also spent part of the morning looking over my critique partner's upcoming book. She writes so well that I haven't found much to criticize... but I'll keep trying *evil grin*.

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  1. ((hugs)) Thank you so much. I'm very happy and relieved that you enjoyed it. :)