Monday, June 13, 2005

There For You update

You may remember my Rear in Gear project, when I wrote 97 pages of a story called I'll Be There For You in a week. I wrote about 110 pages altogether, then put it aside because I couldn't figure out if I wanted it to be a novel or a novella. Today I suddenly got a mental flash of how I needed to finish it. It'll be a long novella (around 30,000 words, I think), and it's pretty much complete in my head-- I just need for my fingers to catch up. I read it through and added to it today (around a squawking baby), and what do you know, it's actually pretty darn good.

I posted on Lori Foster's board and asked Kate Duffy if she wants novella submissions to be completes or partials, and she responded that she prefers the complete. So I'm going to finish this thing up and send it out to Brava by the end of next week.

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