Saturday, July 9, 2005

Comments on Stranger

Joely Sue Burkhart won a copy of Never Love a Stranger the other day, has already read it, and was kind enough to post comments about it on her blog. She wrote:

"Never Love a Stranger reminded me of I, Robot, with a romance slant. James starts out as a beta hero--very gentle, non-demanding, sweet--and evolves into more of an alpha without losing any of his endearing qualities. Annie overcame the truth of who James is a little quickly for me, but in the scope of the entire story, it was a very nice romance."

I'm glad it reminded her of I, Robot, since Asimov is definitely where a lot of my inspiration came from. I was interested that she commented that Annie accepted James' nature a little too quickly... I seem to recall Mrs. Giggles saying that Annie overreacted to James' nature, implying she didn't accept it quickly enough. Intriguing how we all take different things from the same story. Anyway, thanks so much for posting about it on your blog, Joely!


  1. I think it really did work, it was just a personal hmmmm moment. I think what bothered me more was his *real* purpose for coming, that he'd targeted her all along. That didn't seem to bother Annie at all.

    It was so interesting to see how James evolved, becoming more alpha without being a jerk. So many alphas are terrible to the heroine, but James never ever was. I greatly enjoyed it, Ellen. Thank you again!

  2. Like I said above, DH agrees with you, so you're probably right:-). Thanks again for posting about it... I'm glad to know you liked it!