Saturday, July 9, 2005

Conversations with a Vulcan

DH (aka Vulcan Husband) kindly read I'll Be There For You again last night and this morning. I fixed all the problems he pointed out.

"Okay," I said, "it's ready to send out to Kate Duffy."

DH shook his head. "You'd better let me read it one more time."

"I fixed everything."

"I've only read it through twice, you know. I'll probably find more things that need fixing."

"That's what I'm afraid of," I answered. "There is such a thing as overthinking revisions."

"I don't agree with that. You can never work too hard at revisions."

I let my voice get ever-so-slightly sharp. "It has to leave my desk sometime, dear. And I don't change everything you suggest, anyway."

"I know you don't. And that's part of your problem. Didn't I tell you that whole thing with Annie and James in Never Love a Stranger was resolved too easily?"

"Yeah," I admitted. "You did tell me that."

"Of course I did. And see, Joely agrees with me. I've been vindicated. You should have listened to me."

I heaved a sigh. God save me from vindicated Vulcans. "Okay," I said. "I'm always wrong and you're always right. I'll try to remember that."

He grinned. "Glad we straightened that out."


  1. Ack! Oh, no, now I'm a Vulcan! hehe! Crossing fingers for the new piece for Kate....

  2. I have nothing to say about the Vulcan,. But good luck with the submission!!

  3. Ellen I've read all your but 2, and thought they all great. So somebody's doing something right.

    Can't wait for the new one.

  4. Thank you so much, Jackie! I hate to admit it, but if my books are any good, it's at least partly due to the Vulcan Husband's patient critiquing. He's a great editor. But darn the man, he aggravates the heck out of me sometimes!