Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Curse this printer

I decided to spend the early part of this morning getting out bookmarks. I only had sixteen requests sitting in my inbox, so I figured that wouldn't take long. I printed out sixteen envelopes with no problem. But when I went to print up the little flyers for In the Mood I'm sending out with my bookmarks, the computer printed one, then immediately announced there was no paper. All my repeated jiggling had absolutely no effect. I cursed and restarted the computer, whereupon it informed me that the computer is "not ready" and advised me to make sure it was hooked up. All my jiggling of connections had no effect, either.

This printer has never worked right since DH "fixed" it a while back. The logical conclusion is that this is DH's fault. At the very least, it's his fault because he refuses to buy a new printer (his advice is always, "Just keep trying... it works if you play with it.") So I'm going to make HIM print these blasted things out tonight and see how he enjoys spending two hours on a ten-minute project.

Sigh. The upshot is, some of the bookmarks are going out today... the rest will go out tomorrow:-).


  1. I hate printers! We never get along.

  2. Tell DH I'll come and bop him one if he doesn't get mine printed out *g*

    My printer died, I need a new one *sigh*