Friday, July 1, 2005

Ebooks and change

I just looked over NCP's "sneak peeks" page. They have 24 books listed as coming soon. Of those 24, two are contemporaries and three are historicals. The remainder are paranormal, fantasy, and futuristic romances. I'm pretty sure that they used to publish more historicals and contemps, but it's a fact that those categories don't sell as well. And there's no real need for an e-pub to keep publishing stuff that doesn't sell just in case the market changes, since an e-publisher can change direction quite rapidly if the need arises. Sigh... it's a bit of a bummer to see them moving so clearly away from contemporaries, though.

On another topic,
Sylvia has a post today about ebooks, and how many people have told her that they're waiting for her print release but won't read ebooks. What's interesting about this is that I know of quite a few people who were totally opposed to reading ebooks, finally tried one, and subsequently became rabid ebook readers. So if you haven't read an ebook... give one a shot before you decide you don't like them, please. I fully understand that some people have tried ebooks and discovereed they don't like looking at a screen that long, and that's okay. But do at least give it a try!

And if you discover you truly don't like ebooks... do remember that many e-publishers now produce paperbacks as well *evil grin*.

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  1. Hi Ellen,

    I started a blog to hone my writing skills, and it has turned into an addiction! I sometimes get up in the middle of the night when an idea overtakes me. I hope to write an adventure or fantasy novel in the future, but I have a fascination for historical fiction. I just finished David Ball's Ironfire, which I highly recommend, about the last siege of Malta in the 16th century. I read George RR Martin and Wilbur Smith, the latter is the master of story telling, great with the adventure mixed with romance.