Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Edits and other stuff

I got Farthest Space back from my editor yesterday with almost no edits. DH looked it over again, though, and found a few things that need fixing (it's been through an editor and several proofers, but that doesn't stop him from finding errors... the man is scary!). I'm going to fix it up today and send it back. I'm told the anthology (Tripping Through the Universe) will be released this week or the next. Yay!

In other news,
Sylvia has a great post over at Romancing the Blog about whether writing for e-publishers damages your reputation in the eyes of some readers and editors.

And huge congrats to
Sasha, who not only sold to Kensington but now has sold to Berkley as well!!! (Which would appear to answer Sylvia's question quite nicely *grin*.)

Update: JaynieR kindly pointed out I had Sasha's link wrong. I fixed it. Sorry, Sasha!

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