Thursday, July 7, 2005

Finished... I hope

Thanks to helpful comments from DH and my critique partner, I've done lots of good work on I'll Be There For You today. Rewrites, new scenes, added details, and some reimagining of the heroine's backstory. Now I need to have DH look it over one more time, and then it's out of here! Everyone please use your Jedi mind powers to send subliminal messages to Kate Duffy: Buy Ellen's fabulous novella. Buy Ellen's fabulous novella...

I heard from my NCP editor today that she likes my edits on In the Mood and that it will be up on the NCP site "shortly." I don't know if that means tomorrow or next week, but either way, it looks like I'm done with that one too. Woo-hoo...I'm finally getting all this stuff off my desk!

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