Saturday, August 13, 2005

Didja miss me??

I'm back! We took our yearly vacation last week. Because of the baby, we decided not to go far, so we went to Virginia Beach. We have family there and go to visit on a regular basis, but we decided to actually go to the tourist destinations we never have time for. We went to the Virginia Zoo, the Virginia Aquarium (aka the Marine Science Museum), Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin (in Norfolk), and the Children's Museum in Portsmouth. Yesterday my father and I went to the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk (for some odd reason DH and the kids would rather swim in the pool than look at art... go figure). Overall we had a lot of fun, and the baby was agreeable. Mostly.

I also read a pile of books. I read Angela Knight's Master of the Moon (my fave by her so far, and that's saying something!), Jennifer Ashley's Confessions of a Lingerie Addict, Suzanne Forster's Angel Face, and a couple of Sherrilyn Kenyon novellas. Now I'm all recharged and ready to start writing something new on Monday... after I get through the biggest kid's birthday party tomorrow *groan*.

Oh, and while I was away, I had a post go up on Romancing the Blog about the blurring lines between e-publishing and traditional publishing.

Hope everything's going well with all of you!

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  1. I did wonder where you'd gone. Glad you were on vacation and had fun! Nice also that you had time to read a bit. That's always great.