Saturday, August 13, 2005

Help me!!!!

I've apparently been discovered by spammers. Since I made my last post, I've had four spam comments, all of a similar type: "This is a nice blog and I've added it to my bookmarks. If you're interested, please come visit my blog on (totally unrelated subject)." Obviously some spammers are posting comments on my blog the minute I put up a post. How do I get around this, folks? I know a lot of you have Blogger... help me out here. I hate to disable comments, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life deleting spam, either.

Advice would be deeply appreciated... unless you're a spammer:-).


  1. It seems spammers have been hitting a lot of blogs on blogger this week. I got hit too, and I know of at least one other. Blogger doesn't have a system in place to block spammers, but they do have a user survey up where we can tell them what we want them to do, so I would definitely find the five minutes to take it, and maybe they will add something in place.

  2. Ah, and here I thought spammers were hitting me because I'm special *g*. Thanks for the input, Gina; I'll go check the user survey out.

  3. muhahahahahahaha

    You don't - it means you have arrived, and you just hit delete. There isn't much you can do.