Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A new book or two

After my nice vacation, I'm ready to get back to work. Yesterday I started work on a shapeshifter romance. This would be my first paranormal... I hate for there to be a romance subgenre out there I haven't tried!. More seriously, paranormal sells well right now, and I like shapeshifter romances (I'm still not going to admit I like vampire romances, no matter how many of the d*mn things I read and adore). Anyway, I got a brain flash and started writing it down. I'm only up to page eight or thereabouts, but I have a lot more ideas and the ideas are rolling along well. Whether this will be a novel or novella, or aimed at the NY market or the e-market, I don't know yet. I really need an agent to tell me what I should do with it, because I just don't know what the market is for paranormal romances right now. (Yes, Angela Knight and MJ Davidson have sold paranormals to New York, but they're, well, Angela Knight and MJ Davidson. I'm just me.) Any agents out there who want to represent a prolific but slightly schizophrenic romance author? Let me hear from you:-).

I'm also dusting off a futuristic I've put to the side for a while. I think I'm about ready to get back to serious work. That's the problem with my writing style-- I can work fast and furious to get something done (or several somethings done), but then my brain thinks it's entitled to a month-long vacation. Ah, well... can't really argue with the brain as long as it gets stuff accomplished, I guess.


  1. Good luck with your paranormal, Ellen. Sometimes the best books written are the ones that flow from inside you that have no targeted publisher.

    My sympathies on the spammers...reason why I had to shut down all comments on my blog.

    As for MJD, I think it's so cool she is up for a Quill Award. Paranormals have come a long way in recent years, when an author couldn't even sell one to her/his mother.

    Bonnie Vanak

  2. Oh, I hadn't heard MJD was up for a Quill award, but she definitely deserves it. MJD is a goddess.

    It's weird about the spammers-- sometimes I get a ton of them when I post, and other times, nothing. I hate to shut down comments... to me that's part of the fun of blogging. Not the spammers, but the REAL readers!

  3. I just started a paranormal myself in the last couple of days. I'm shooting to try for the Shivers contest over at Phaze, but I'm not sure if I'll make it.