Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Query letters

Miss Snark is doing an awesome series of posts on query letters, ripping apart-- er, analyzing actual query letters sent to her by people who frequent her blog. There's some very useful info there if you're thinking of writing a query letter any time soon. She says a lot of people forget to mention word count, and even the genre (!). Since I recently sent a query letter out to Brava, I'm obsessively reading this series to see what I did wrong *wry grin*.

I think I have mostly conquered my fear of writing query letters... but writing that darn little synopsis in the middle of a query (which is, alas, the most important part) still worries me. Describe a 100,000-word novel in three sentences. Uh, yeah... could I just shove bamboo slivers under my nails instead, please? It'd be less painful.

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