Monday, August 1, 2005

Paperback writer (reprise)

I got my copies of Never Love a Stranger in the mail today. Wow... they look gorgeous! Love the new printer-- they did a fabulous job. The only thing is, the book looks extremely slim. Presumably to keep costs down, they used a small font (the same size you usually see in mass market books), small tabs, and didn't put chapter beginnings on separate pages. The end result is that the book looks a lot smaller than it really is. I hope people won't pick it up and think it's too short for the cost, because it's actually a fairly decent-sized novel-- somewhere in the neighborhood of 88,000 words, as I recall. The cover looks just gorgeous, though, so that should help move it off the shelves... who wouldn't want that naked blond dude??

Anyway, I'll be giving away a copy in the next couple of days... watch this space:-).


  1. wahoo - Ellen got smammed, you have arrived *snerk*

  2. Well, it's about time, I was starting to feel left out:-).

    Someone pass me the Raid...

  3. You, too, can make household appliances as shiny as new! . . . OK, I'm not actually spamming. I just wanted to say thanks for the bookmarks. I got them last week. They look great!


  4. Awesome, Alyssa. I'm glad to hear you got them!