Monday, August 1, 2005

Review, etc.

"Elly" got a nice review from MyShelf today. Janie Franz writes, "Hats off to Elly Sanders for her new digital book, The First Grader From Outer Space!... Elly Sanders does a fine job telling the story from Sam's point of view. We get into Sam's head and find out a lot of wonderful things there, especially her keen observations of people. The First Grader From Outer Space would be a great read for children who are early readers, too, as well as for other children so that they could understand what children like Sam feel."

Miss Snark further clarifies her thoughts on e-publishing: "Here's what I do not consider being 'published': 1. iUniverse and the disguised vanity presses 2. Pay to play presses 3. Web-based 'publication.' When someone tells me they have been published I look up the publisher. If the ONLY place you can buy the book is off the publisher's web site, I don't consider that a plus....However, writing trumps everything. You can publish 36 books with iUniverse and if what you send me has never been published, and it's good, we're gonna ask you to the dance."

And an update to my comments about B&N below-- my editor tells me that the B&N and B. Dalton managers who curled their lips at me and muttered "POD books aren't returnable" are misinformed. NCP books are 100% returnable in the US. So if you happen to own a bookstore, do please stock some NCP books:-).


  1. Congrats on your review! Not sure about the difference between #1 and #2 with Miss Snark, they sound the same to me.

    Charlene (suffering a loss of website today boohoo)

  2. Yes, where is your website? I noticed it seemed to have gone on vacation this morning...

    I'm not sure what she thinks the difference is, either. But I'm not thrilled to see e-publishers lumped in with vanity presses by an agent, even though she seems to agree that an e-publisher whose print books are available in stores is a little different. There are some terrific e-pubs out there that haven't gotten into brick-and-mortar stores yet.

  3. I think it's going to take a while for the traditional print industry to take epublishing seriously. More and more agents and editors already do. It's unfortunate that some still can't differentiate between royalty paying publishers and vanity publishing, however. That's an enormous difference.

    My site is the victim of premature domain transfer. It's being set up on a different, more stable host but isn't up and running yet. It wasn't supposed to transfer until it was up and running, rendering the whole process invisible to users. Alas, the domain transfer has already happened and I'm siteless.

    Charlene, Lost in Cyberspace

  4. Read your interview at FAR today. Got me interested in your kid's book too!