Sunday, July 31, 2005

What I'm reading

I just finished two good romances. The first was Extreme Exposure, by Pamela Clare. I've blogged before about how great her historicals are, and this contemporary romantic suspense was fabulous, too. I got very teary reading it (and I never cry over books), not to mention tense. I highly recommend it. I'm glad Ms. Clare is continuing to write historicals as well-- it seems like we're losing a lot of historical authors to the contemporary market (I was shocked to discover that Candice Proctor, writing as C.S Harris, has an upcoming romantic suspense, and then of course there's Lisa Kleypas...). Clare has a fabulous historical voice, but a great contemporary voice as well-- she's one of those rare authors that can do both very well.

The second book was Unladylike Pursuits, by Alyssa Goodnight. I blogged a while back about how good her site looked. Her book is self-published, so I hesitated to read it even though I liked the excerpt, but finally I decided it was worth a shot-- unlike a lot of self-pubbed books, it's mass market sized and priced like any other mass market book, $6.99. When I got it I was impressed by how nice it looked. It reads quite well, too. It's a Regency-set historical, and I quite enjoyed it. There were a couple of things I thought could have been edited a bit better-- a slight tendency toward head-hopping in a few places, as well as a tendency to omit commas that I would consider necessary. But these are minor issues, and overall this is a startlingly good book-- much better than I expected. This isn't just my opinion, either. I notice AAR gave it a B... a better grade than they gave my debut book:-). If you're searching for a new historical author, I think Goodnight's book is worth a read.

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