Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Royalty statement analysis

I got my royalty statement last week and just sat down to analyze it (hey, I was on vacation:-). Never Love a Stranger continues to be far and away my best seller for books written as Ellen Fisher-- it's sold a lot more copies than my other books, and that doesn't even include the Fictionwise sales, which I won't see till the next statement. Second-best overall seller is Isn't It Romantic?, and third best is All I Ever Wanted. NCP is now breaking down the royalty statement into two-week periods, which helps my analysis. For example, I noticed there was a big spike in sales for Stranger in April and went back and checked my blog. Sure enough, that was when its review in RT appeared. Not a terribly good review, but apparently some people were interested enough to try the book anyway.

I have no clue on how my paperbacks are selling, since with returns and so forth they won't hit my statement for some time. My other ebooks continue to sell, but not terribly briskly. I'm thinking about doing some advertising, but I'm not sure where. I did have an ad on AAR for In the Mood, but it was fairly expensive and I won't know if it was effective for quite a while (this is the problem with quarterly statements!). I'd like to do some promotion of my backlist, though. Maybe if AAR would let me advertise several of my books in one ad.... hmm. I'll have to think about this.

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  1. "for books written as Ellen Fisher"

    Does this mean you're writing as somebody else too? *g*