Wednesday, August 3, 2005

RWA again

Wow. I've been reading about RWA's latest snafu-- the mess that was made of the awards ceremony-- with awe. I'm impressed by the sheer number of times they've messed up this summer. It takes talent to screw up so frequently and dramatically. I just joined RWA, as it happens, and now I'm whining because they haven't approved my application or whatever they need to do yet, so I can't get on the RWA loops and look at what RWA members are saying amongst themselves yet. But there are a few interesting blog posts on the subject out there. I rolled on the floor while reading the comments on Smart Bitches this morning.

(Update: LLB has a good post on the subject, too. Thanks to Alison Kent for the link.)

On to nicer things. I have a copy of Never Love a Stranger, my futuristic time travel romance, just sitting here waiting for me to get rid of it. Who wants a trade paperback of Never Love a Stranger? If you're interested, post in the comments section. I'll pick one winner at random (assuming I get more than one response:-) Friday evening.


  1. Hi Ellen,

    I remember reading your first book and thought it was good. I'd love to read your latest.

    Sandy Lunsford

  2. Who wants it? Me, me, me! *waving hand in the air*

  3. Oh, I would love to get a copy! I enjoyed In the Mood and would love to try a fantasy/futuristic.


  4. I would love a copy! The bookmark you sent me of it is so pretty, I'd love to read the book as well.

  5. I'd be interesting in being in the running.

    And congrats on the Mrs. Giggles review.

  6. I would love a copy, but I'm in Australia, is that too far away?