Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm too sexy for my keyboard

Since my editor agreed to look at this Christmas story, I decided to buckle down and work on that today. (Someone in the back row is asking, "What about your futuristic and paranormal romances?" *Looks up at ceiling and whistles loudly* Sorry, person in back row... can't hear you.) I'm up to 3500 words already! Woo! And I know exactly where the story is going, what the conflict is, and how I'm going to write this thing from beginning to end. Double woo! That doesn't happen very often, and I love it when it does. I have a feeling of great accomplishment! I love to wrap up the week with a feeling of great accomplishment!

But would someone please hit that person in the back row and tell her to shut up? I'll get back to this other stuff soon. Promise.


  1. *smacks person in back* There you go! Write that holiday story. - Charlene

  2. *owwwl Charli* *g*

    I'm not shutting up damnit - I want my sequel.

  3. If you're talking about a follow-up to Stranger, I'm with you. Come on, Ellen, cough it up! Right after you finish that Christmas story. No pressure. - Charlene