Friday, September 2, 2005

Not such a great birthday

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes. Yesterday turned out to be kind of lousy, unfortunately. Poor DH had a major crisis at the office and called me at the last minute to say he couldn't get home in time for dinner. He didn't come home till eight, and then had to log right back onto the computer and work till almost nine. So I didn't get a card, a cake, OR a dinner. But hopefully he has everything straightened out and can take me out tonight.

I sulked around the house about this for a few hours... then I turned on the TV, watched the news, and got a grip. Big deal... there are people out there with humongous problems, and here I am sulking because I didn't get a birthday dinner *shaking head*. I really am terrified for those poor people stranded in the Superdome and around the convention center-- they're starting to die, from the heat and conditions, as well as at the hands of others. I am praying very hard that we can get those people out of there before we lose a lot of them, but it's not looking promising. I understand the logistical problems (some of which are being caused by the refugees themselves, sadly), but it's hard to imagine that in the USA we can't manage to move people quickly and easily, or at least get food and water to them. But the way things are going, it seems like getting food and water to them might cause a bloodbath. Unfortunately, when you take away law and order and add in a healthy dose of fear, starvation, and thirst, people can turn ugly quickly. It's like something out of Lord of the Flies...

And by the way, Larissa updated her blog yesterday. If you've gotten to know her through her blog, please do help her out. There's info over at Alison's blog as to how you can help.


  1. Lord of the Flies is right. It's so upsetting. I can't watch the news, and then I do. These are people in OUR country and they're dying in the Superdome because we can't get help to them? I mean, they're dying. In a refugee center? And there are hospitals pleading now with AP to have someone send help to evacuate patients? HUH? I work for a charity. Last year I was in Haiti, in Gonaives after the flooding. Same situation. People dying because they couldn't get help, armed gangs roaming the streets.

    I never dreamed it could happen here... not the hurricane's impact itself, the horrific aftermath of society totally breaking down...I am trying to concentrate on the good things people are doing, like offering rooms to hurricane victims.

    I'm going to Haiti next week. Honestly, I can't wait. I never, ever imagined that going to a country where they kidnap people, kill them, torture them, where there is all kinds of poverty and suffering, 28 percent of the children under five die from starvation, would be an escape. But in Haiti, I won't have television news showing what's happening in New Orleans.

    Sorry for the rambling post. I'm just pretty upset this morning, as I imagine a lot of people are.

  2. I'm upset too, Bonnie. It's horrible to watch this on the news and know we really can't do much to help these poor people. Sending food and water doesn't do much good if it doesn't get to them...

  3. It is an awful situation. And the world is watching us.