Friday, September 16, 2005

The proposal

Today I'm working industriously on my proposal. As I blogged before, I had two agents express an interest in my "proposal for a proposal." I had quite a bit of email discussion with one of the agents, which seemed promising, and when I told this to an online friend, she said, "So what are you waiting for? Finish it up and send it out!" So that's what I'm working on today. I'm on page 22, in the second chapter (I figure my proposal should be three chapters or fifty pages, whichever comes first), and up to 6000 words, and I like the story very much so far. I'm going to have my critique partner, aka DH, look it over tonight and give me his impressions. After the first three chapters are done, I have to work up a synopsis, which is going to be painful-- I've never been much good at writing up synopses before the book is written. It's not the way I write. But I imagine I'd better learn *wry grin*.

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