Wednesday, September 21, 2005


So far I've read 107 books this year. (I count stand-alone novellas as books.) Of those, 43 are contemporary romances. That seems to account for much of my reading, but it's interesting to note that of those, 26 were read in the first three months of the year, when I was heavily gorging on contemporaries. Since then, my reading has been much more varied. The other books I've read break down as follows (along with a smattering of juvenile books and general fiction):

8 Romantic suspense
9 Chick lit
11 Mystery
14 Paranormal romance
8 Futuristic romance
3 Science Fiction (not romance)
5 Historical romance

That last figure really surprises me. My reading used to be split evenly between contemporary and historical romances, with a few paranormals or futuristics thrown in for fun... and now look. I read more paranormals and futuristics than I read historicals. Furthermore, I looked over the historicals I read and noticed something. I read four of them because I knew the authors online and was interested in trying out their work and supporting them. I read the fifth because I was stuck in a hospital and it was the only thing I could find to read in the gift shop. So I haven't read a historical romance just for the sheer fun of it in 2005.

Well... I'm working on that now. I finally got around to getting Julia Quinn's IT'S IN HIS KISS this week. Maybe that'll help get me back into the historical groove. Or maybe not *sigh*. I'm not sure what's put me off historicals, besides the relentless Regency/Victorian England settings, but I'm not sure if I can get my historical-reading mojo back.

Another interesting thing-- I noticed that although I claim not to read vampire novels, seven of the 14 paranormal romances I've read are vampire stories. And some of the sequels I'm most anticipating are vampire books, too. *Cough* I guess I'm finally going to have to suck it up (hee hee) and admit publicly... I like vampire stories.


  1. LMAO at the "I like vampire stories." I know your dirty secret!


    Oh, wait. I like them too.


  2. You know, I kind of suspected you did...